Minutes 3-17-2014

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds

Board of Supervisors

March 17, 2014

Dennis Jelle, Chairman, opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. Also present was Supervisor, John Brixy, Clerk, Helen Kahl and Treasurer, Nancy Goplin. Al Antonson was unable to attend.

Helen read the minutes of the February 10, 2014 meeting. John moved to approve, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Road Maintenance Report:

Dan requested we rent a track/skid loader rather than the tire machine. The cost will run about $420 more. John moved to make that change in the rental. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Dan recommended we sign the Dane County bridge inspection agreement. It will cost more than previous years due to changes in state requirements. John moved to sign the agreement, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Dan reported that Royce is planning on filling the pit in. John moved that Dan get pictures of Erbe and W. Erbe Roads so we have an idea of how they looked prior to the potential damage that will be caused by many trucks hauling fill. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Dan requested we consider asking at town annual meeting to replace the 2002 International. He’s estimating about $170,000 including sander and stainless steel box. He was directed to get several bids and be ready for the town annual meeting.

Dennis mentioned that the state park wants to put state trail signs on Mounds Park Road. Dan will meet with them for placement.

Building and Grounds, nothing.

Public Comments, None.

Joen Meylor rezone petition. Helen checked with Joen and she is aware and approves this conditional use which means they must build the house by the road, not down in the woods. John moved to approve the conditional zoning, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Horribly Hilly Bike event application. Dennis moves to require a $1000 deposit for damage to public/private property as well as clean up. They would get their deposit back if there is no problem. He also moves we require proof of insurance and a hold harmless agreement. John seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Blue Mounds Classic bike event scheduled for 7/12/14. Dennis moved that we deny their use of Danhouser Road as a starting point due to safety concerns. John seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Accurate Appraisal error situation. John moved that we pass the attorney bill for $1375 from Hazelbaker on to the assessor. Helen should write a letter and pass the bill on. Since Accurate has been cooperative regarding the error they made, John moved to release the January payment. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0. Helen received a proposed contract from Accurate at a lower rate with revaluation scheduled for 2017. John will compare the proposed contract with our previous contract and make recommendations at the April meeting.

Updated information with OA 26 regarding the various towns’ votes was not available. Helen will check with Majid Allen for an update and email it to the board.

Zwettler Road, Dennis has had trouble reaching Pam Lunder to get her letter to the insurance company. He will make one more attempt or Helen will stop in to see her.

Bellazini winery discussion. They are getting ready to start building the winery building. The proposed building is off to the north of our turnaround. There were concerns about parking, plowing, etc. We need to meet with them aside from a monthly meeting to discuss and look at a site. Helen will contact them regarding the road and CUP situation and get a meeting on one of the Fri mornings in April.

Pending legislation Assembly Bill 661 would allow towns the option to withdraw from county zoning. The Towns Association has sent a hard letter to the county asking them to form a commission to regulate zoning on a more fair way. The letter set a hard date of March 20 for the county to respond. John doesn’t totally agree with that proposal because of past experience with appointees to such committees/commissions. Often rural areas are not represented as they should be, especially in rural zoning issues. Rep Jacques decided not to amend the bill to be specific to Dane County until Dane County responds to the demands of the county and towns associations. There is doubt as to whether Chairman John Hendricks will even respond. There appears to be little opposition to the bill and it may go through the Senate as it stands. The speaker of the Assembly is not putting a stop to it and is staying neutral at this point. The hearing on the bill went well for purpose of the support of the bill, especially with Dillis’ testimony.

Comprehensive Planning Committee. There is a schedule meeting for April 8, Tom Hansen will contact his committee. The board will plan to attend that meeting as well. Helen will put notice in the paper by March 28.

Fire District Report, nothing immediate. The Lions Club is looking at possibly buying the Spaanem property. The proposed fire station would allow for cadets to stay right in the building. The fire district has made a tentative proposal to buy the Connors owned Co-Op building. John cautioned the fire district not to propose a building project simultaneously with a large school project. They plan to include the proposed project on a referendum to get public input. The roof on the building now is leaking. They ordered the truck for the new 38 ambulance. It will go out to Iowa for the building of the box. The other thing they’re doing is put an extended warranty on the truck.

Correspondence, the Village bought 3 loads of salt and we will bill them at replacement cost.

John moved to pay bills of $739,733.65 plus the election workers after the April 1 election. Helen asked about the Dane Com maintenance check and the board instructed her not to pay that. Helen is to email DeJung and cc the Treasurer and the county exec saying why we are not paying. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

John moved to adjourn, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Respectfully submitted, Helen Kahl, Clerk