Minutes Budget/Levy Meeting 11-15-2010

Unapproved Minutes


Town Board – Budget Meeting

November 15, 2010

Dennis Jelle opened the Budget meeting at 7:30  p.m.  Present were Chairman, Dennis Jelle, Clerk Helen Kahl, Treasurer, Nancy Goplin, and Supervisors Al Antonson and John Brixy.

Helen explained the budget which came in about $12,000 below this year’s budget.  John moved to accept the proposed budget of $435,816.  Al seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Al moved to adjourn.  John seconded, motion passed 3-0.


Levy Meeting

November 15, 2010

Dennis Jelle opened the Town Meeting to set the Levy for 2011.  There were 8 residents present.

George Couch moved to adopt the proposed levy of $262,275, which is the same as last year’s levy. Wendell Jones seconded.  The motion passed 8-0.

(At this time the meeting was adjourned, but following the reading of the minutes of the regular Board meeting, the Levy meeting was readjourned to discuss the purchase of a new truck.)

John moved to reconvene the levy meeting to discuss the potential of buying a truck.  Al seconded, motin passed 3-0

Levy meeting reconvenes.  The Sterling will be 11 years old.   Dan has a quote for a Kenworth of $156,705, fully fitted with the plow, wing, etc. from Universal Equipment.  Freightliner and International were similar in price and warranty.  The time schedule would be, if ordered in December, we would have it in spring.  We would hope to get $40,000 for the old truck.  Because it is a Sterling, and that line has been discontinued, it may be more difficult to get a good price.  Dan’s concern is that if we wait, we’ll be in a situation of having to replace both trucks at the same time in a few years.  Dennis asked for a motion.  Al moved to borrow up to $157,000 for the purchase of a truck to replace the Sterling.  John Brixy seconded the motion.  The board will meet with the top two truck/equipment vendors.  Motion passed 7-1.

John moved to adjourn back to the regular Board meeting.  John seconded, motion passed 8-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Kahl, Clerk