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Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds

Budget Meeting

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dennis Jelle opened the annual budget meeting at 6:38 p.m. Also present were Supervisors, John Brixy and Wayne Jones, Clerk Helen Kahl, Deputy Clerk Kasha Larson, and Treasurer Nancy Goplin and 5 other town residents.

Helen explained a 2017 proposed budget of $558,649. The budget can yet be changed in December.

Public comment;

1. Support for health insurance for the town employees.

2. What is SW Outreach? Helen explained that this is the senior services provided to seniors in our municipality, such as the meals provided at the Senior Center.

Due to the $20,000.00 levy increase, our updated budget total will be $578,649.00. Helen reminded residents that $60,000.00 from the 2017 budget carried over due to the seal coating that was not done this year. Wayne moved to approve the budget of $578,649.00, John 2nd, motion passed.

Special Meeting of Electors to Set Levy

The levy limit increase this year is just less than 1% based on increase in equalized value. Dennis motioned to increase our levy by $20,000.00 to increase the entire levy to $315,200.00 Sue Huntenburg 2nd.

Discussion: Helen explained the estimated increases due to the current referendums, school tax increases and the requested levy limit increase. Dennis wanted to note his reasoning for requesting the increase is to “get ahead of the game” for the upcoming increases to the levy due to the fire district payment and to keep our road budget up where it needs to be. George Couch called the question. 10 total residents of the Town were present. Show of hands vote; 8 for, 2 opposed, motion passed 8-2. John Brixy wants it noted in the minutes that his vote was “no” for the increased levy.

Dennis has requested that the entire $20,000.00 be added to the roads budget, bringing the total road budget to $163,664.

John moved that Helen increase, on the levy limit worksheet, $8724.18 which is our 2017 levy limit claim on the cost of zoning transferred from the County of Dane to Town of Blue Mounds for the cost of zoning and planning services transferred, but not tax for it in 2017. Helen will not include this additional amount on the mil rate worksheet and therefore not tax for it. Wayne Seconded, Motion passed 3-0.

Monthly Board Meeting

Dennis called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

Helen read the minutes from the 10/9/2017 meeting. John moved to approve the minutes with typographical errors corrected and to also change “roads budget” to “state highway aid budget”, Wayne 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance: Clearing of tree branches has taken place.

Bldg. & Grounds: Nothing to report

Public Comments: None

Pat Carroll water erosion issue: Send an updated letter suggesting that Dane County have a retention pond put in this area in light of keeping the county road in good standing. Dennis suggested that we contact Dane County Land and Water. Dennis stated that he will personally talk to DCLW before we send this email.

Emergency Action Plan: Tighe Robey has requested that we talk to the Town’s residents about what resources they have access to for assistance in an emergency situation. John moved to table the emergency action plan discussion until the December meeting, Wayne 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

Progress Regarding Request to be assigned to District 5 of the Dane County Towns association. Jim Pulvermacher, Vice President DCTA (Town of Cross Plains) & Manfred Enburg (Town of Verona) were present. ToBM request to move to District 5 was brought up at a recent Town’s Association meeting. Jim noted that the DCTA is in the process of making changes to the by-laws and it would be an excellent time to make the district change. Jim feels that it would be advantageous for the ToBM to be moved into District 5, as the Town of Madison is going away and transferring ToBM into District 5 would address reapportionment across all of the Towns. Cross Plains is in District 6, not 5. John brought up that if ToBM would be moved into District 5 we would be represented with another town (Town of Verona) that also shares borders with multiple villages.

Report on State Legislative Issues – AB 109 Status: John spoke with Jerry Deere, president of Dane County Towns Association. There had been a meeting scheduled with the authors of AB 109, the senate, the assembly and Jerry Deer. The language has been drafted and finalized by legislative research and floor action was supposed to be made by the end of this year. AB 109 needs to take place and be passed to codify statutorily the transfer of the levy from the county to the opt out towns for the zoning monies so the county won’t be able to tax for the services they are no longer providing.

Land Use Committee report:

Site Visits:

Lust – Matt Lust (Wisconsin Surplus – and Pete Reed (Keller Engineering). Looking to see what they need to give the Town before the Committee can go out to do a site visit. Helen stated that for our purposes all we need to from them is their Zoning Application and $300.00 fee, which has been provided along with copies of a tentative layout plan. WI Surplus does not have the Dane Co. erosion control permit yet, so this layout may completely change in the future. The property in question is in the commercial corridor. Matt’s main concern is in regard to what zoning code they will fall under and what conditional use permits they might need. Matt stated that they are licensed for auctioneering, used car sales & used firearms sales. John specified that they will only be permitted in one area, commercial, then everything else would fall under CUPs.

Pharo – may be a site visit in December also

Approve letter RE Barton RD: John moved that the board sign the letter brought forth by Helen, Wayne 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

Report on Mt. Horeb Area Economic Development Committee: They had their meeting on last Thursday everyone is very excited about Duluth Trading and everything else going up. Old 6 and 10 station, across from Kwik Trip, is to become a Milios and a Dunkin Donuts.

Fire District report: Dennis thinks you’ll see a bulldozer on the build site in the next 2 weeks as the loans and approval reviews are all in the works right now. The fire board is in the process of selling the current department building. It has been decided that there will be no realtor used to sell the building and it will be auctioned by WI Surplus at no cost to the Fire District.

Review of correspondence received: Nothing

Approval of Bills: John Moved to approve the bills as presented ($23,428.45), Wayne 2nd, approved 3-0.

Dennis moved to adjourn at 8:55 p.m., John 2nd, motion approved 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Kasha Larson, Deputy Clerk