Minutes 10-9-2017

Town of Blue Mounds

Board of Supervisors

October 9, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Also present were Supervisors Wayne Jones and John Brixy, Helen Kahl, Clerk and Kasha Larson, Deputy Clerk, and Nancy Goplin, Treasurer.

Kasha read the minutes of the September 11, 2017 minutes, John moved to approve, Wayne seconded, Motion passed 3-0

Dennis – Made notice that we do not need to read the minutes, but we have chosen to do this as a courtesy to those town residents who may be in attendance and had not been in attendance at the previous meeting, but there may become a time when this goes away.

Road Maintenance report:

Charlie is starting to mark culverts for the winter. The pile of chip seal is gone now. Charlie spoke to Finks about the culvert on W. Barton RD and Finks said they might be able to get there Thursday or Friday of this week. Charlie told Finks to call Dennis, as he will be on vacation those days. The locate in this area is good through this coming Friday (10 days from the original locate date).

Building and Grounds:

Window guy has not been called as Charlie has not had time.

Public Comments:

Ernie Gilbertson – Thinks Aavang RD has been neglected over the years. The 3 things he would like to get addressed; 1. The signs at the beginning of the bridge are damaged and need to be repaired. If the town would provide the poles, Ernie says he would install them himself. 2. Ernie would like to have a DEAD END ROAD sign installed. 3. There are some pot holes, past the bridge, that need to be taken care of. Ernie says he has filled these with gravel, but Charlie says this will not help as these are soft spots. Charlie has grated this once this year. Dennis says this will get handled as soon as possible.

Pat Carroll’s erosion issue. Pat let Kasha know last week that he has yet to hear anything on this. Kasha will call tomorrow to see if she can get some answers.

Thompson Family:

1. Confirmed that there are 3 density units on the property. This has been proven and the board is aware of it and it is on the record. 2. Want to update the road construction agreement. All costs for this road will be paid by the property owner. Original road was set up to have a road coming up from the north, up the hill, and what they want now is to have flexibility to move the location of the road up and down the hill as they see fit, as long as the road stays in compliance within the sight lines and Town Road standards

Resolution: Mary S. Thompson Revocable Trust states it is terminating the Concept Development Plan Agreement dated July 12, 2016 and the Town accepts the Town Road

Construction Agreement to replaced and supersede said Concept Development Plan Agreement. John moved to accept the proposed resolution regarding the Town road construction agreement previously agreed to, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Mark Rooney:

DOT Way Side property north of ID, south of bike path. They have acquired 2 shipping containers to use as storage. Looking to get a temporary location permit prior to rezoning the property in the New Year. Currently zoned A-1-excl. John brought up concern over whether or not these shipping containers will blend in or stand out in this area. Mark states that at least the one container will be completely out of sight and that both containers will be painted in camouflage to keep them out of sight. Both current accesses will be used. Powerline easement still exists, but is not being used. One concern Dennis has is the Pat Carroll erosion issue. John asked how long the “temporary” containers would be there, but Mark is unsure of how long this will be. Helen did remind the board that this property is A-1 exclusive and that the land owner did not have to bring this to the board. The intention is to have this property rezoned to NBR (Nature Based Recreation) in the future. John motioned that the board accepts the current plan and that the Rooney family intends to alter the color to anything that may be an eyesore. Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.

Resolution 2017-6 (see attached signed copy):

We need to adopt this plan so that the Town of Blue Mounds will qualify for FEMA if there should be a natural disaster in our area. John drew attention to the areas that are noted “Dane County Zoning” would need to be changed to “Town Zoning”. John moves to adopt with somewhere it being noted that, whether it be in a cover letter or amendment, that anywhere it says “Dana County Zoning” be edited to “Town Zoning”. Roll call vote: Wayne – Aye, John – Aye, Dennis – Aye, Motion approved 3-0.

Town of Blue Mounds Emergency Action Plan (EAP) – Tighe Robey, a resident of the Town, is an Emergency Action Planner and has created a detailed plan specific to the Town of Blue Mounds. Tighe needs to know what the Town’s emergency communication plan is so that he can add it to the current plan he has proposed. Tighe will come back to the November meeting with a recommendation of what type/brand of HAMM or CB/2 way radios we should obtain to have outside communication in the event of an emergency. Tabling this item until the November meeting.

Discussion on Letter to Dane Co. Towns Association requesting to be on future agenda to seek District change. The current rep. and prior 2 have not been contacting us to find out what our position is on bills and other things before voting on them. John requested that a letter be drafter stating that the Town of Blue Mounds switch places with Town of Cross Plains in Dist. 5. This letter would need to be sent before the next Towns Association meeting. John requested that this letter be sent to Renee Lauber and Jerry Derr.

Approval of tentative budget to be published:

State HWY aid came in today, adjusting our roads budget from $84,000 to $90,495, bringing our grand levy total to $558,575. John motioned to have the numbers, as amended, to be published in the Mount Horeb Mail. Wayne 2nd. Motion approved 3-0.

Report on AB 109: John has not heard from Tom Wilson.

Land use committee: Nothing to report.

Economic development:

Duluth building is going up.

Nothing has developed so far for the Green Ag program. Still trying to build the funds to do their environmental study.

WI Surplus wants to get signed up as soon as we have the applications available for rezoning.

Fire District Report:

Had a good Fire Muster and raised a good amount of money so they can purchase some needed items.

John motioned to adopt the amendment to the resolution, Wayne 2nd, motion approved 3-0.

FEMA update: We need to contact Dane County Emergency management as to the notification that Dane County was not covered in the FEMA award for this summer’s storms.


Emerald Ash Bore – Has been found in Brigham Park. DNR is reminding residents not to be moving firewood, which is the main way of transference for the Emerald Ash Bore.

Gypsy Moths – Deadline to submit request for help with Gypsy Moths is November 3, 2017.


John moved to approve bills of $12,249.94, Wayne 2nd, motion approved 3-0.

John moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15pm, Wayne 2nd, motion approved 3-0.