Minutes 9-11-2017

Town of Blue Mounds

Board of Supervisors

September 11, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Also present were Supervisors Wayne Jones and John Brixy, Helen Kahl, Clerk and Kasha Larson, Deputy Clerk. Nancy Goplin was absent.

Kasha read the minutes of the August 14 meeting. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance report: Charlie said half the pile is gone and there has been chip sealing done on Andrew Lane and Ryan RD. Scott’s bid for 2017 will stand for 2018 for the roads that were not completed in 2017. Barton RD culvert is on hold ‘til we find someone who can do the work, as Finks is busy through the end of the year. Charlie thinks he will get done with the patching this week and start mowing again next week.

Charlie got FEMA info to Kasha.

Building & Grounds: Window Guy hasn’t been here yet to finish replacing the cloudy window panes.

Public Comments:

George Couch – January thaw and after heavy rain. Water runs down and hits his driveway on Blessing Way and erodes his driveway. George has been having gravel added to somewhat repair the erosion, but is asking if a culvert can be added somewhere to help this issue. Dennis says he and Charlie can meet at this sight to see if there is anything that can be done this year. George says he’ll definitely have time Friday morning of this week.

George Couch questioned about the coming transmission lines and where it will be placed. Dennis said that he heard the intention was to run it along 18/151. George wonders if the Town Board has taken a position on this and Dennis says he doesn’t want to get in the middle of something that he doesn’t know enough about. The Town’s position is that we didn’t want it to come up along North RD.

Actions on Opt Out:

Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Towns of Berry, Blue Mounds, Bristol, Springfield, Sun Prairie and Westport

Motion: I move to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Town and those other Dane County towns which are withdrawing from County zoning, related to joint administration of zoning, in the form attached to this Motion, and to authorize the Chair and Clerk to execute the Memorandum. John moved to approve the agreement, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0

Contract with General Engineering Company

Motion: I move to approve the Contract between the Town and General Engineering Company, related to zoning administration and related services, in the form attached to this Motion and to authorize the Chair and Clerk to execute the Memorandum. John motioned, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Memorandum of Understanding with Capital Area Regional Planning Commission

Motion: I move to approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the Town and the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, related to mapping and GIS services, in the form attached to this Motion, and to authorize the Chair and Clerk to execute the Memorandum. John motioned, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Authorizing the Town Chair to Apply for Farmland Preservation Certification

Motion: I move to authorize the Town Chair to execute all necessary applications and paperwork to apply for certification of the Town’s zoning ordinance, plan, and, such other agreements or documents as are required, to obtain Farmland Preservation Certification for the Town. This is for 2019. John motioned, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Setting Schedule For Adoptions of Amendments to Town Zoning Ordinance

Motion: I move to schedule a public hearing and action upon amendments to the Town’s zoning ordinance which are to be recommended by the Collaborative Board of Towns which is coordinating town withdrawal from zoning in Dane County. The hearing shall be held on October 9 at 6:30 p.m. 2017 in the Town Hall. The ordinance shall be on the agenda for possible action at that meeting. John motioned, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Supporting Amendment to AB 109 Related to Approval of Withdrawal By The Annual Meeting.

John moved that we table this amendment until the 10/9/17 meeting. John motioned, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Bids for Assessor Services: Only 1 bid received, from Accurate, for $7,900.00/year for 3 years totaling $23,700.00. This is lower than the bid in 2008, prior to the bid after their mistake. John moved to approve this bid, Wayne 2nd, motion passed 3-0.

Land Use Committee: Nothing to report

Economic Development: Dennis will attend a MoHo Area Economic Development Committee meeting next week regarding the Green Ag proposal.

Fire District Report: Annual Meeting Sep. 27 and Review Budget. Building plans are nearly complete. 2018 Budget is a 3.9% increase, which is about $1,000.00 above our levy limit. Admin. budget is 10% higher for 2018 and another 6% higher for 2019 (Dennis says this increase is because they are working toward getting a higher chief’s salary). John brought up a point that we may want to bring up the idea of a proposal or amendment that no town would have to pay an increase more than their statutory levy limit. Due to these continued increases, above our levy limit, we are having to pull money away from other places in our budget and it generally seems to come from roads because there is nowhere else to pull it from. Dennis

said he would be comfortable starting a conversation on this topic with the Fire District Board.

Review of correspondence received

Request for Training-Kasha Larson

DaneCom Bill – John says he believes we are obligated to pay for the monies billed before we opted out (December of 2014), minus what we have already paid. We don’t use any radios in our town.

Approval of Bills

$12,237.35 John moved to approve the bills, Wayne 2nd, Motion approved 3-0.

John moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:40pm, Wayne 2nd. Motion approved 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Kasha Larson

Deputy Clerk