Minutes 8-14-2017

Town of Blue Mounds

Board of Supervisors

August 14, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Also present were Supervisors Wayne Jones and John Brixy, Nancy Goplin, Treasurer and Kasha Larson, Deputy Clerk.

Kasha read the minutes of the July 10 meeting. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance report: Charlie has been trying to get ahold of Scott’s to do chip seal, but he has not had any luck. Town of Perry Patrolman called the head guy at Scott’s who said they probably won’t get here to do chip sealing until after Labor Day. Board suggests that we cancel for this year, as we don’t want to have a repeat of 2 years ago when roads were chip sealed after Labor Day, so did not get enough heat on the roads to properly adhere to the base. Dennis suggested we cancel our order for the chip seal. John motioned for the cancellation of the order if they are not able to get here by 8/31/17, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.

We have a pile of material here, from Scott’s, that is now getting in the way. The pile was only supposed to be here for 2 weeks and it has now been over 3 months. Dennis suggested that we should send Scott’s a letter stating that we will start charging a storage fee of $500/month, starting 9/1/17, if the pile is not removed. Dennis motioned, John 2nd. Motion carried 3-0

A new culvert was installed on Andrew Ln to prevent future wash out and excessively wet conditions in this area. This area has been re-seeded and cleaned up.

Tomorrow Charlie is putting some rock down on Cave of the Mounds Rd. to repair a washed out area from the last rain.

Put some 3” rocks in the corner on Ryan RD where cars have been cutting the corner and eroding it.

Dennis questioned how Raleigh Rd held up in the last storm. Charlie said it held up pretty good, but would like to have Fink’s come in to re-grade this area if he can find $10,000.00 in his budget. John motioned to allow for up to $10,000.00 to be spent to make repairs to Raleigh RD if this can be completed before the end of the month of October 2017. Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

John motioned to review time material & labor to submit to FMA, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0. To be included in the FEMA Grant application: Time on Mayflower to clear downed trees, Andrew LN culvert, cemetery clean-up and all other removal by Shelstad, tree pushing OT, Cave of the Mounds RD wash out, Barton RD clean-up, bill from bucket truck use.

Buildings & Grounds: Still waiting on a bill from Lawrence Hefty for the install of the new water heater.

Dennis asked for public comments:

Pat Caroll’s water erosion issue. Dennis thinks this is an issue for the county to resolve. We will draft and send a letter to the county itemizing everything that Pat has had to have done since the new, larger, culvert has been installed. Dennis says we should also find the applying statute number to mention in the letter. John motioned that the Clerk draft and send a letter, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.

Legislative report: Foxconn has brought the Legislature to a halt. No action has moved on Senate bill 311 & Assembly bill 433. John is going to go down at his next opportunity to see the chairs of this bill to find out why the Dane County Assembly members are not supporting this bill.

Land Use Committee report: Nothing to report

Opt Out: AB109 has an amendment to it that will come back in September. What’s changing is that there can be an annual meeting or a special meeting to choose the opt out and also will give us more strength in keeping villages from encroaching on the towns.

Dennis says it sounds like the towns opting out will be using CARPC for mapping.

We should have the updated zoning code within the next couple of weeks.

Report on Mount Horeb Area Economic Development Committee: They are helping with proposal on the Green Ag project which is a 17 acre green house on the Ludwig Simmons property on Hwy 78, that will produce vegetables all year long. Dennis says it would be a good tax increase for the Town of Blue Mounds, John noted that it would be at an agricultural taxation rate though. There has been talk about there being a digester built on the property to use ag waste to produce electricity. John says they should also consider wind or solar power generation to supplement the possible lack of ag waste.

Fire District Report: Plans for new station are almost complete and they’re talking about an October start date. RFBs are going out at the end of this month.


-Wingra real-estate surveying is being handled by Wisconsin Surplus (Lusts). Nothing for us to do with surveying. The transfer of property will happen through the register of deeds.

-Dennis received a letter from Dept. of Transp. Letting us know what projects are going on in the area. Dennis will give the info to Charlie to see if we need to take action with any of it.

-FYI of a letter that came with an update to the verbiage on the levy shifting for the opt out. Previously it said the tax payers would be taxed twice and it has now been corrected to say the tax payers will NOT be taxed twice.

-FEMA grant applications webinars and how to create a better application.

-Low income home improvement and purchasing loans available.

Approval of Bills: Nancy will need a check to pay for the Dog licensing.

John motioned to allow for the authorization of payment to Hefty for water heater repair, to the treasurer to pay dog licensing & the addition of the $11,000.00 payment to SBCP as well as the approval of all bills totaling $77,568.82, Wayne 2nd. Motion approved.

John motioned to adjourn, Wayne seconded. Motion passed 3-0. Meeting adjourned 8:23p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kasha Larson

Deputy Cler