Minutes 6-12-2017

Town of Blue Mounds

Board of Supervisors

June 12, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Also present were Supervisors Wayne Jones and John Brixy, Helen Kahl, Clerk, Nancy Goplin, Treasurer and Kasha Larson, Deputy Clerk.

Helen read the minutes of the May 8 meeting. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance report: Charlie patched the roadways last week and started on Mowing. Will be patching again later in the week. Dennis asked about talking to Fink’s about culvert work. Fink’s will work in the excavation for next week.

Helen asked Charlie about the county road maintenance grant application paperwork she had passed to him previously. Charlie stated that we don’t qualify for this grant, so we won’t be applying.

Buildings & Grounds: Lawn mowing going well. Wayne reports that A+’s bid was in the ball park of all the others he had spoken to if we want to stay local for the replacement of the hot water heater. Board gave Charlie the OK to move forward with the A+ Plumbing bid.

Dennis asked for public comments: NONE

Zoning – Public Hearing: Dennis turned the gavel over to Wayne to proceed on zoning discussion for his daughter, Melanie Jelle’s, rezone application. The planning commission voted 5-0 to approve the zoning change from A-1 exclusive to A-2 for 2 acres. Melanie Jelle was present for comment. John moved to approve the petition and Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 2-0. Dennis presented the driveway permit request. John moved to approve the driveway permit, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 2-0. Dennis Jelle abstained for both votes.

Rezone preliminary discussion: Jesse Schauf would like to purchase the old cheese factory on 78 south, near Blessing way, near the new 3rd Door storage units. Currently zoned C-1, but needs to be zoned C-2, to build a body shop. Board says it shouldn’t be a problem to change the current zoning, of the property in question, from C-1 to C-2 as the 3rd Door storage units are already zoned C-2.

POWTS Septic System: Septic Specialists Steve Crosby, representing Casey Preimesberger. POWTS system will be located on Fertile Ridge RD. Downsizing current system with an ATU White Knight Unit which will save money and trees on the property. County is on board with POWTS system. County needs letter from Town of Blue Mounds to proceed with paperwork. County oversees the annual reporting on this system, just like the 3 year reporting on the standard system, that way the system does not go without service if there is a change of service provider.

Helen brought up the point that the Town will need to decide what they need to charge for such a system. Steve Crosby noted that the Town of Montrose did a one-time charge then put a special assessment on the tax bill for annual charging. John Brixy asked Helen if this type of system would cause extra work for the Clerk’s office and Helen said no. John moved that the amount be prorated to zero for the remainder of this year and that we’d discuss at the annual meeting what to charge going forward for the maintenance of this type of system. John & Helen both feel that the fee schedule between this new system and the same type that already exists in the Town should be consistent and we have not charged a fee for the existing system yet. Helen presented resolution 2017-4, which John requested amendments to. John moved we adopt the resolution as amended, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.

Liquor licenses: VFW; John moved to approve, Wayne 2nd Motion passed 3-0. Campo di Bella Winery; John moved, Wayne 2nd Motion passed 3-0. Cave of Mounds; Wayne moved, John 2nd Motion passed 3-0. All operator’s license applications are in order and were also approved. No new operator’s licenses this year. Per the incentive agreement with Cave of the Mounds, in relation to their liquor license, John moved to pay the 4th annual of possibly 5 $1000 pay backs, Wayne 2nd. Motion passed 3-0.

Board of Review: Resolution #2017-3 states that an appointed clerk can be on the Board of Review if he/she is a resident of the Town. John moved to adopt Resolution 2017-3, Wayne 2nd Motion passed 3-0.

Tractor Warranty: Dennis and Charlie spoke about the current warranty running out at the end of this month. They didn’t feel like the cost was worth it to extend the warranty for the minimal issues that we’ve had thus far. John moved that we don’t take the extended warranty for the tractor, Wayne 2nd Motion passed 3-0.

Comprehensive Plan: John moved to approve current version, Wayne 2nd, Motion passed 3-0.

Report on Progress with obtaining boundary agreement with Village of Mount Horeb: Village proceeded with the sewer plant project without obtaining any sort of signed agreement with the Town of Blue Mounds. We did receive a DVD containing documentation of current road conditions. Dennis wants to “catch up” with the administrator as the chairman, Mr. Little, was unwilling to sign or discuss the agreement we had presented.

Legislative report – Transportation Meeting: John reported that the meeting was more for large road builders, not for the Towns, there were only 2 Towns representatives at the transportation day. The state’s view is that it is not their place to rebuild the Town’s roads, as the original understanding was that the state would initially build the roads then it would be the Town’s responsibility to maintain them. Petroleum inspection fees were originally slated to go to increase funds in the roads budget, then this money was to be passed on to the Towns to assist in the maintenance of the Town’s roads. This has not been the case. A new proposal has been presented to help the Towns, but there is no guarantee that any money will get to the Towns, past the large road builders. John says the transportation budget will be stripped out of the current budget plan and will be re-addressed as a stand-alone issue.

Anyone who wants to enter anything into the budget enters it under amendment 999. New legislation is being talked about that would cause small liquor producers to have to work through larger distributors to distribute and even sell their own products. We may need to present a resolution to protect our local small producers, such as Campo di Bella.

Dane Com Update: Improvements have come through as of late and seems to be working more smoothly.

Land Use Committee report: Wayne stated that there was nothing new to report, but Helen stated that there are a few things coming in the near future. Kyle La Fond now has an application that we will be seeing soon. John says we need a detailed business plan of what Kyle wants to do before we would want to proceed with any sort of site visit.

Report on Mount Horeb Area Economic Development Committee: Dennis said there has been talk of a possible group of investors getting together to purchase the entire North Cape Commons property.

Fire District Report: Everything seems to be going according to schedule. Village of Mount Horeb wants the old property, from the fire department, for parking. John brought up that Stephen Tighe Robey made a request to the fire district for info months ago but has not gotten any responses. Dennis said he will remind them to get back to Stephen.

Correspondence: Dane county planning division of zoning sent a notice of violation on 1086 W. Blue Mounds RD for a car in the yard. Car must be moved by 6/16/2017 to avoid penalties.

2 bike races coming up. Helen will send out an email to announce these.

Approval of Bills: Fee for Kasieta Legal Group needs to go under a new code for zoning. $18,358.52 in bills + $1,000.00 to Cave of the mounds = $19,358.52. Dennis moved, John 2nd, motion approved, 3-0.

Office shredder: Discussion was had in regard to purchasing a shredder for our office use as well as to offer the service to the residents. Board was in favor of buying the shredder for office use, but to not offer it to the residents. John moved to let clerks spend whatever they want of their budget, Wayne 2nd, motion carried.

Wayne motioned to adjourn, John 2nd. Meeting adjourned 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kasha Larson

Deputy Clerk