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Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
Special Meeting
Monday, January 30, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

Dennis Jelle opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Supervisors, John Brixy and Wayne Jones, and Clerk Helen Kahl. Nancy Goplin, Treasurer was not in attendance. Susan Ludington and Kevin Depies, land use committee members, were in attendance as well as some residents.

John and Dennis explained the history of Act 178 and the town board’s decision to move forward to put it to the voters in April 2017 as to whether or not to come out of County zoning.

*Resolution 2017-2, to Adopt an Official Town Map. This will be recorded with the register of deeds and satisfies a part of the law that specifies the need for a town map in order for any town to opt out of County Zoning. John made a motion to adopt Resolution 2017-2, the Official Town of Blue Mounds Map. Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

*Comprehensive Plan Updates. All attendees received a copy of all the amendments that must be made to our Comprehensive Plan. Helen read them off and a short discussion ensued. The following are the necessary amendments:
Amendments to Comprehensive Plan
January 30, 2017

• On p. 24, remove word “county” from first sentence.
• On p. 26, under Dane Co: Should Read: “the town cooperates with Dane County to regulate land use in the town. Currently the town uses Dane County’s floodplain zoning ordinance, erosion control and storm water management ordinance, and shoreland/wetland zoning ordinance.” Remove “zoning and land division ordinance and subdivision ordinance” wording.
• On p. 29, under Farm Residences: Remove the first sentence: “The Town of Blue Mounds recognizes Dane County Zoning Ordinance.” Replace with: “The Town of Blue Mounds recognizes Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance.”
• On p. 30, add a 3rd paragraph Implementation, as included in Ordinance 17:
“This Plan shall apply to all zoning and land division actions taken by, or affecting, the Town. In the event that it is necessary to interpret any provision of this Comprehensive Plan, the interpretation shall be made by the Town Board of Supervisors. The interpretation of the Town Board shall be followed by all governmental bodies or agencies which are applying this Comprehensive Plan.”

• On p. 30 and 31, under Implementation Tools
o Remove Dane Co. Zoning Ordinance, replace with new verbiage, “Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance”
o Remove Dane Co Land Division Ordinance: replace with new verbiage, “Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance”
o Remove Dane Co. Subdivision Ordinance, replace with new verbiage, “Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance” Also remove Chapter 10 Reference.
o Exclusive Ag Zoning: remove “Dane County Zoning Ordinance” Sentence Should say: The Town adopted the agricultural exclusive (EA) zoning district allowed by the Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance as part of the Farmland Preservation Plan.
o Conservancy Zoning. Remove Dane county verbiage, replace with “Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance”.
o Sign Regulations: Remove Dane County Zoning Ordinance and replace with “Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance.”
• On p. 31 Final sentence under paragraph 1 of Adoption, Evaluation, Amendments, and Updates: remove word, “approved” by County, and change to “submitted to”.
• Page 32, Under Recommendations, for Housing & Economic Development, Remove Phrase, “Work with the county in exploring programs.” Replace with “Town will continue to explore programs to preserve farmland….”
• Add attachment #3—Official Town Map as approved on January 30, 2017.

The board made it clear we are NOT asking to change the 35 acre rule or the 2 acre minimum, rules we have operated under since 1980. An audience member wanted to know “why” we were considering opting out. John made his case, arguing local control and property rights. He also pointed out the difficulties some of our residents have had with making application to the county, mentioning the lack of rural representation on the zoning board at the county level. He listed other towns (13) that are working toward opting out.

Following the discussion, John Brixy made a motion to pass Ordinance 17, Amending and Readopting the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Blue Mounds, with the amendments noted above. Wayne Jones seconded, Motion passed 3-0.

An audience member asked to have a summary of the history leading up to the vote at the annual meeting. John suggested Helen ask the Towns Association Attorney for a copy of that history that is already written up and post it on the Home Page of the website and send to our email list prior to the Annual meeting.

*Adoption of Ordinance 16 Adopting the Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance. A discussion ensued about the zoning ordinance vs. the current Chapter 10 through the county.

Dennis explained the importance of the local control especially for signage, indicating common sense would more often apply. The ordinance has parameters for size of sign, distance from road, etc.
One audience member was concerned about costs vs. having the county absorb the costs of zoning. She thought we should compare costs/time restraints on town resources compared to what happens now. John is hopeful we will have less costs than we have now.

Helen read the Ordinance 16 to adopt the Dane Towns’ Zoning Ordinance. Wayne moved to approve, John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote was taken John yay, Wayne yay, Dennis yay. The Ordinance was signed.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Kahl, Clerk