Minutes 11-14-2016

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
Monday, November 14, 2016

Dennis Jelle opened the annual budget meeting at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Supervisors, John Brixy and Wayne Jones , Clerk Helen Kahl, and Treasurer Nancy Goplin and 5 other town residents.

Helen asked first to have 3 budget amendments for 2016 before we start with the 2017 budget. John moved to amend as shown below. Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0:
• Add $1000 to Board Salaries: Al’s 2 month salary plus $300 over budget for Deputy Clerk Hours due to Election
• Add $6000 to Building Expense: R & R Doors, Drywall Repair($3200 was reimbursed by insurance, which shows up on Income), Crack Fill
• Add $2500 to Board Expense: Election Expense is high, but again, much of this is offset in higher than expected General Income, including $3800 reimbursed by resident for Engineering work. These Amounts Can be Moved from the following Budget Categories:
• Take $6000 from Fuel/Tires
• Take $1000 from Technology
• Take $2500 from Utilities and Fuel
Helen explained a 2017 budget of $500,253.00. John Brixy moved to approve, Wayne Jones seconded, motion passed 3-0. The budget can yet be changed in December.

Special Meeting of Electors to Set Levy

The levy limit this year is just less than 1% based on increase in equalized value. Helen explained the process in which the amount of the levy is $292,534. Kevin Depies made a motion to accept the levy of $292,534. Al Antonson seconded, Motion passed 10-0.

John Brixy moved to adjourn the budget and levy meetings. Wayne Jones seconded, motion passed 10-0.
Monthly Board Meeting

Dennis called the monthly board meeting to order at 7:21 p.m.

Helen read minutes of the October 10 meeting. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Dennis mentioned that the previously scheduled meeting with MOFA was cancelled and is now set for Nov 28 at 9:00 at town hall.

Road maintenance. Charlie is cleaning some culverts. He had called the county regarding the culverts on F. He has some patching to do on Topper RD.

Building and Grounds, nothing to report.

Election Report. Helen reported we had 605 voters, 12 more than in Nov, 2012, for a turnout of 82% of eligible voters. She explained the outcomes of the referendums. The Fire District was 55% Yes and 45% No. For the Appointed Clerk and Treasurer, the result was 61% Yes and 39% No.
Helen explained that since the referendum passed to appoint Clerk and Treasurer, Helen and Nancy will not put their names on the ballot for April, but will instead apply if they wish to continue. Notice will be made that the positions are available. Angie has resigned as Deputy Clerk and Helen is preparing a job notice for the email list as well as the Mt. Horeb Mail.

Public Comments, None.

Szekeres Petition, The County is asking the board for a final review of their petition. Helen checked with Alicia, they had no issues with the county’s paperwork. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded, Motion passed 3-0.

Fly Dane Proposal, Decision whether to join. It would cost between $600 and $1600 to have the pictures. Last time they didn’t have good participation, so it could easily cost the maximum. FSA has the maps anyway. John moved we do not participate in Fly Dane proposal, Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Boundary agreements, no progress, waiting for Mt. Horeb to act. They are too busy with TIF District. Helen feels this board should come up with a proposal to present to them. Wayne doesn’t think any boundary agreement will make a difference anyway because if a land owner wants to be annexed no one can stop them. Audra Anderson, Village of Blue Mounds attended. She explained that the village of Blue Mounds doesn’t have sewer/water capacity to expand the Village. They have no intention of growing and no intention of signing any border agreement. Wayne feels Mt. Horeb has no interest in signing such an agreement and even if they do, if an individual property owner decides to get annexed, the town cannot stop them. The board and Land Use Committee can address the boundary agreement situation as they meet this winter to review the Comprehensive Plan in anticipation of the Opt-Out proposal.

Dane Com Update. It is up and running, but there were some issues with 911. Some of the radios are outdated, so have to be replaced. Helen asked about maintenance fees. Dennis and John are adamant we do not pay the fees. John feels there is no legal document saying we owe anything since the original contract expired. Dennis feels it should be brought up at a Dane County Towns Association meeting in order to get a legal opinion on it.

Update on Opt-Out of Dane County Zoning. The towns got a copy of the draft of the proposed ordinance. John showed the comparison of the proposal compared to the much longer, more complicated Dane County Zoning ordinance. They’ve worked hard on it and he feels it gives more control to the towns for their own future. The Board Land Use Committee got copies and can make comments until Nov 22. 13 of 34 towns have given notice of anticipation of withdrawing from County Zoning. Wayne feels the rest of the towns are just waiting the 3 years to see how it goes and then more will sign on. A resident questioned costs especially as concerns legal challenges. Rezone fees are anticipated to be the same or less than the current town/county fees now. It is anticipated that General Engineering may be the company hired by the towns to service the rezones requested. The resident felt perhaps the county should be approached to change their representation on the ZLR. Dennis does not think they will make a change, they are well aware of the problems and the fact that towns are opting out because of lack of representation.

Land Use Committee Report. Wayne reported they made a site visit to 2274 HWY Z, Paul Marquardt. He was requested to make some changes to the driveway access and will come to the meeting on December 12. The vote was 6-0 to approve with those changes. The LUC will begin meeting in January to go over the Comprehensive Plan.

Mt. Horeb Area Economic Development Committee. Most of the emphasis is on the TIF District and the Front Street District. Duluth Trading will be building a 5-story building at the corner of 2nd and Front Streets. Lust Auction will be moving out of downtown Mt. Horeb and into the Town of Blue Mounds. Nothing new on the proposed Troll Mountain.

Fire District Report. The Spaanem property on Main Street belongs to the Fire Volunteers. If the project to build moves forward, the property will be sold as will the Fire/EMS Department building, which is owned by the District. Dennis presented the Capital Expenditures and Replacement Schedule which shows the future plans for replacing equipment.

Correspondence: Dennis explained a letter he got from the School District. They’re concerned about the American Transmission Company transmission lines which may go in the area they own in our township. The board took no action.

John moved to approve $16, 047.19 bills. Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

John moved to adjourn at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Kahl, Clerk