Minutes 10-10-16

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
Monday, October 10, 2016

Dennis Jelle opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Supervisors John Brixy and Wayne Jones , Clerk Helen Kahl, and Treasurer Nancy Goplin.

Helen read minutes of the September 12 meeting. John moved to approve, Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance. Charlie is mowing and he finds our culverts along the county roads along F where they did road work are full of gravel.

Building and Grounds. Nothing.

Fire District Presentation. Lt. Dillis and Ken Kietzke from Mt. Horeb Fire District went through a power point identifying the problems and failed systems in the current building. They are currently at 9,700 sq. ft. and they were recommended to have 36,000 sq. ft. They have now pared the fire portion down to 24,000 sq. ft. When you add police and shared space, it will be 49,035 sq. ft.
Some issues: privacy in the sleeping area, 3 bunks in one room, privacy for showers, exhaust system for trucks, none at this time, lack of office space.
By sharing space with the Village of Mt. Horeb police station, there will be cost saving. A parcel of land has been selected on Blue Mounds Street, between the school bus garage and the Homestead senior housing. It has not been purchased, but there is an understanding in place.
What if a municipality fails to pay? Helen explained the reserve portion of the payment. Each municipality will be assessed an additional amount so that in 10 years we’d have the money to make a payment in the case of a default by any one municipality. At the end of the term this money would be applied to the loan.
Will each homeowner’s portion change, go up, over the years? Helen explained that the town would be responsible for their annual payment, about $40,000. That amount is divided over the whole township based on assessed value of each parcel. A higher mil rate or an increase in assessment would increase a parcel’s “piece of the pie.”
Dennis then explained the needs in further detail. Nancy explained that the town’s portion of their tax bill is quite small and hopes this would show up as a separate line item. Helen feels it will.

Nancy asked the difference in the referendum amount as opposed to the total. The town board decided to have, in our referendum, the total amount over the 40 years which includes interest.
King Mahoney wants a promise that the building they’re now in, when it’s sold, that each municipality will get their portion based on equalized value and then that municipality would be able to spend it as decided, not that those funds go to the Department for its discretion.
Ms. Dillis explained that the building has been pared down to needs, but not extravagances. One resident was concerned that it may not accommodate growth for the 50 year estimate. The committee feels it will.

The existing building would hopefully bring about a half million dollars.
There were questions about the EMS being self-funded by fees. Dennis explained that many calls are billed to Medicare and they decide to pay less than the billed amount. Also, it is a fact that not everyone who is billed pays the bills. At any given time there is about $240,000 in outstanding EMS bills.
Andy Davidson questioned the per sq. ft. cost? He has some figures that show much lower costs per square foot on fire stations in the state. Mr. Kietzke explained it is a brick and block building and we have been donated the bricks.
Another issue for some people is that we aren’t given a picture of the proposed building so we can see what we’re voting on.
A question about the architect’s fee and incentives to minimize the costs was answered by the fact that there are experienced people on the committee and we have to trust them to make wise financial decisions as the project goes forward.
Someone explained the public perception that the fire department is used to fancy equipment and she thinks the pictures of the current building showing cramped storage and office, mold, etc., so that residents can see the need.

Public Comments, no other.

Report on Progress with Boundary Agreements. Helen is in conversation with Mt. Horeb and a meeting will be set to discuss a General Boundary Agreement. She indicated there are several very simple ones on file at Department of Administration.

Dennis announced a special board meeting on October 25, 9:00 a.m. with MOFA (Minitube). They are researching ideas for expansion of their facilities.

Budget : Helen presented a budget proposal for publication based on the Budget Workshop. John moved to publish the proposed budget of $500,150. Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0. A question from the audience about where the $60,000 taken from reserve went? Helen explained that it was used to pay for the new truck, no loan was needed.

Dane Com: Helen asked about Dane Com Maintenance fees. Both John and Dennis feel we should not make any past due maintenance invoices (2014, 2015, 2016). Since we had nothing to maintain, why would we pay for maintenance? Once we get a system, then we’ll have to decide how to move forward. They are still scheduled to be up and running for November 1. John also questioned why these costs don’t come under our already taxed dollars for public safety at the county level.

Update on Opt-Out of Dane County Zoning. John reported the committee writing the zoning code is hoping to have their final meeting on Oct 26. At that time, the municipalities will get the proposal and can work with the code to make it fit their needs, taking the next couple months to do that. The county’s biggest concern is not losing the levy. The legislature has sponsors for legislation that would move that levy to the individual municipalities. The county is re-writing their code as well and it appears it will be even more restrictive than it is now. About Nov 1 we should have the new code to present to the Land Use Committee. Our Comprehensive Plan must also be re-adopted with changes that refer to the County replaced by notations that eliminate the County procedures.

Economic Development. They are working on the TIF and they may have some of the in-process projects be retroactive. The village asked the Economic Development committee to help fund the proposed Troll Mountain on the east side of the village. No decision on that at this time.

Fire District Report, nothing else.

Review of Correspondence. Dennis mentioned an article in the Dodgeville Chronicle where an environmental law group from Chicago visited the area to see how the plan for the power line would affect the area’s environment. John moved to drop any further conversation on the plan. Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Bills: Helen reported that the town clean-up day was a success, taking in $835 with expenses of $550. John moved to approve $21,828.20 in bills, Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0.

John moved to adjourn, Wayne seconded, motion passed 3-0. Adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Kahl, Clerk