Minutes 5-9-2016

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
Monday, May 9, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Supervisors John Brixy, Al Antonson, Clerk Helen Kahl, Deputy Clerk Angela Runde, and Treasurer Nancy Goplin.

Helen read minutes of the April 11 meeting. She made a correction regarding the Thompson Trust paragraph. John moved to approve with the correction, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Road reports. The board agreed to sell the truck through Lust Auction with a minimum sale of $20,000.

Buildings and grounds. Charlie announced bids on trimming the arbor vitae ranging from $370 to $1800. Al moved to approve the $370 if that is the total cost for Bassett. If not, or if Charlie is concerned that it isn’t a total cost, it can be re-evaluated next month. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. The windows are being ordered for the ones that are leaking.

Alan Kaplan Rezone Petition. He wants to rezone 6 acres to A-2 to accommodate a home build. The Land Use Committee visited the site last week. A CUP may be required for an existing ag building because there is plumbing in the building. Al moved to approve as presented with approval for CUP included if necessary. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Petition #10996, 5/28/16 Rezone Fee Paid.

Alicia and Martin Szekeres Rezone Petition for 2 acres off Malone Road. The Land Use Committee viewed the lot and the driveway Al moved to approve the Szekeres Rezone from A-1 Ex to Rh-1. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Dennis signed the driveway application. When they go to the county, they will get the petition number to Helen for her to make a report. Rezone and Driveway Fees Paid.

Craig and Julie Reisdorf Rezone Petition for 2 acres off Mayflower RD from A-1 Ex to Rh-1. Land Use Committee visited the site last week. Al moved to approve as presented, both the driveway and the rezone. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Julie paid the $600 for both the driveway and rezone. Dennis signed the driveway permit. Helen will make the report to the county. Petition #10997.

Justin Holmes appeared to get the CUP to put a mobile home on the main farm. He’ll be helping his Dad farm while he goes to school, they’re thinking about 3-4 years. John stopped in to look at the site today, the board doesn’t think they need a site visit from the Land Use Committee. They will use a holding tank and Dennis asked that it be removed again within a year of vacating the site. John moved to approve as presented. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0. Helen will make a report to the county once she has a check and the application from Justin.

RE Dane Com. The county has requested our “overdue” maintenance payments. John has proposed a letter be sent asking what the percentage of the Dane Com system is operational and what percentage of that system has been servicing the township and then what the percentage of the operational and maintenance fee is actually the towns’. John made a motion to send the letter, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0. Helen will write something and have John look at it before sending.

Comprehensive Plan: Dennis talked to Mary Ellen who has been ill, but she says she will get back to our plan by end of this week. She is aware of our deadline.

Regarding the Draft Town Zoning Ordinance, the board has not had much time to look it over. John explained how they are going forward with two committees, one to write the ordinance and one to review and make comments. If anyone has comments they can contact Hazelbaker. Further updates will be coming down the road.

Land Use Committee had 3 site visits which resulted in the above petitions.

Economic Development Committee had a listening session for citizens. They are planning a TIF District for Front and Lincoln Streets. Dennis filled us in on plans they have for various existing buildings in town. The Town may be able to make an offer to accommodate Duluth if they intend to build. John is working on a meeting with them. Also, Lust Auction may need a building site as their business is no longer compatible with downtown Mt. Horeb.

Fire District Report. Dennis gave a report on some facts regarding the District. It covers 137 square miles. 9,700 square feet is the current building but it is estimated it should be 36,000 square feet, which would include a police station. It would save about $900K to combine and build the fire/police together. They’re looking at $11-12 million, which about $7,000,000 will be Mt. Horeb’s because of the police station. The architectural firm will write the referendum. In the Town of Blue Mounds it will be a binding referendum.

Bills, John moved to approve $25,503.53. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Al moved to adjourn at 9:15 p.m., John seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted,

Helen Kahl, Clerk