Minutes 3-14-2016

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
Monday, March 14, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors at 7:00 p.m. Also present were Supervisor John Brixy, Clerk Helen Kahl, Deputy Clerk Angela Runde, and Treasurer Nancy Goplin. Supervisor, Al Antonson was absent.

Helen read minutes of the February 8 meeting. John moved to accept minutes with addition of nothing new under Fire District Report. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Road Report. Road Bids for Barber, Erbe RD, and Straubhaar. Corey Braun from Scott Construction appeared to explain their bid. $59,413 if we buy and stockpile the chips or $66,787 if they provide the chips. If we buy and stockpile them we save $1202. George Polnow appeared from Fahrner. Their bid includes hot oil $61,875 and $64,440 for emulsion. John made a motion we accept the bid for Erbe, Barber, and Straubhaar RD from Fahrner for $61,875 plus the grading costs paid by town. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.
Dennis mentioned that there was damage to the lawn and a sign at the East Blue Mounds Cemetery. Charlie will work on it when it gets dry.

Bridge Inspection Contract. John moved to sign the bridge inspection contract with the County for an approximate cost of $900. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Building and Grounds, nothing. Charlie is still dealing with the buzzer on the back door. Helen made a request to purchase blinds or shades for the town hall and office windows. John moved we establish a budget of no more than $1000 for the office and town hall area window shades. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Public Comments. None

John made a motion to make the Sheriff’s Deputy the next item on the agenda. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0. Brooke Gagner explained that in 2015 there were 538 calls in the township, most of them traffic incidents. They made a number of calls to Stewart Park regarding drinking and safety issues. Dennis told her about a mess made at East Blue Mounds cemetery this past weekend, vehicles tearing up the lawn and bending a sign. Dennis offered the audience could ask questions. She reminded us of burglaries, smash and grabs out of vehicles, and recently on two reports, dead end road, a red 2011 Silverado Z-71, extended cab, with two people in it. One resident talked to them and they claimed to be working for Town of Verona. They may be casing the area. She spoke of the concerns about shooting in the quarry at West Blue Mounds and E. They are well aware of the situation and are working with the owner so they can give citations for trespassing.

Candidate Introduction for County Supervisor, 28th District Q & A. John Brixy introduced himself. He explained he will be attending 8 other board meetings before the election. Dennis mentioned the county’s road maintenance program. John is aware of various county roads, including County F, Z, O, KP and others which are in poor condition. He explained how the money we’ve paid in taxes has not been directed toward infrastructure. Another issue of concern is the 911 system with a turn-over rate of 54%. They refuse to hire the extra staff needed, paying overtime instead. The Dane Com system is not working and the Town of Blue Mounds has not paid the maintenance fees for a number of years, feeling they should not owe for maintenance on a non-working system. Fire departments have to re-set the radio systems over and over. He mentioned how Administrator DeJung received a 19% raise even while failing with 911 and Dane Com. John doesn’t feel the rural areas are receiving the monies they should out of the county budget. His proposal called Dane Share would be where the rural areas would get some of the sales taxes paid back directly which would be about $51,000 per year for our township. He would propose the county have it on a county binding referendum. He reported on the recently-passed Act 178 state opt-out legislation where towns can bring zoning to the township level. This will allow any town comprehensive plan to be accepted by the county without any question. It will mean when seeking rezoning, town property owners will deal with the town and only the town, not the county and it’s heavily isthmus-weighed membership.

Bellazini Campo de Bella Application for Beer Only License. John moved to approve, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0. Helen will publish, it will be effective April 1, 2016, and run until June 30, 2016, at which time they can apply for a full year.

Representative from Town and Country Engineering. He presented a preliminary plat map for the Thompson Family acreage. They could not convince the County to allow a driveway off ID, so will continue to pursue a driveway off North RD in a new location, further south and in a less steep location of the previous proposed driveway. If it is built to town road standards it could, at a later date and further developed lots, be dedicated to the town as a town road. If the board is in favor, the Thompson Family would do a formal engineering survey for design purposes to finalize the potential layout. John asked what the Lots 3 and 4 might be zoned. They are not currently looking at a specific commercial business. John thanked the Thompson Trust for going the extra steps to bring the project to this point. John moved that the board accept the 2016 Street Improvements New Development Plan as presented and feels the board should grant approval for the next step. Dennis seconded, motion passed, 2-0. It was reiterated that the costs of all surveys, etc. are born by the Thompson Family and not the township.

Rezone Petition, Zahler-Leuzinger from LC-1 to C-1 for Postage Stamp Zoning for purposes of a Duluth Trading sign on silo. Dennis indicated that according to Chapter 10, it should pass. John thinks they will run into trouble because of old rules that they may try to invoke regarding billboard signs along highways under Federal Johnson Administration Highway Beautification Act. John moved to approve their application. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0. Petition #10965 at County. They will drop a check at the office for the rezone fee of $300.

Greg Jones appeared to apply to rezone an additional 7.3 A-1 Ex acres that he purchased from Tom Sutter to add to his current lot on Kingsland RD. When combined, the whole 17 acres would go from A-3 to A-4. He paid the $300 fee. John moved to approve, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

LaRae Smith appeared with a preliminary proposal for a Wedding Barn on the Jazcaniak acreage on North Erbe RD. They are working with the DNR. They are planning to upgrade the road. There are some concerns about the driveway easement with neighboring property owners. Currently the property is landlocked by Ferron Havens’ property. John asked about traffic count. Ferron mentioned that the Primate Center and other neighbors may have an issue with the increased traffic. Their engineer recommends 5 acres to be set aside for parking. The board could not give a blessing to the project but encouraged them to explore an entrance option from Andrew Lane.

Dane Com Update, nothing.

Comprehensive Plan update. John reminded us that the county must now accept our Comprehensive Plan as it stands now.

Mt. Horeb Area Economic Development Committee, nothing new to report.

Land Use Committee, nothing.

Economic Development, nothing to report.

Legislation affecting the towns. Madison Builders Association will host a celebration of the passing of Act 178 on March 23, 4:30 – 6:30 at the Esquire Club. In order to withdraw by Jan 1, 2017, towns will need to formally notify Dane County of our intention to opt out by July 1. At the Towns Association membership meeting on March 31, they will go through the steps necessary. The ordinance will be written to include everyone, but towns will have the option to use what they want out of the ordinance. They are using a template from Sauk County at no cost to the towns or the Towns Association.

Fire District Report. Dennis submitted our Resolution to request a binding referendum. He does not know where it will go from here. Each municipality has to make their decision. The Fire District has told the Village and the Towns and the Committee that the vote should be 51% minimum.

Correspondence: Nancy reported that she got a check from Minitube for Delinquent Personal Property Taxes.

Dennis explained an upcoming meeting on March 29, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. where Hazelbaker will explain the annexation process and the legal ramifications for the proposed Mt. Horeb Southwest Business Park.

No one will attend the Towns Association Upcoming Meeting in Mineral Point.

Nancy said she would not be attending the Clerk/Treasurer Training in May, perhaps Helen or Angie would want to attend.

Board decided to have a regular board meeting on April 11th and the annual meeting on the 25th, both at 7:00. The annual meeting must occur on the third Tuesday or within 10 days after that. The date of April 25 was set at last year’s annual meeting.

Charley is working to see if anyone wants to buy salt, perhaps a private contractor, as we have to take delivery or pay $5/ton/month to store it. He may just pile it outside and cover it with a tarp.

John moved to approve bills in the amount of $19,138.69. Dennis seconded, Motion passed 2-0.

John made a motion to adjourn. Dennis seconded, Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Helen Kahl, Clerk