Minutes 5-11-2015

Unapproved Minutes

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
May 11, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Also present was Supervisors Al Antonson and John Brixy, and Clerk Helen Kahl. Treasurer, Nancy Goplin, was absent.

Helen read the minutes of the April 11 meeting. Al moved to approve. John seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance Report. Charlie thinks we should consider Blue Rock Road for the TRIP program funds. He has been patching around the township. He did some grading on North Erbe RD. Helen will publish notices for double sealcoating N. Erbe RD and Zwettler RD. Al has been in contact with Erpenbach and Rep Pope regarding HWY 78 and has been assured it will be fixed.

Building and Grounds, nothing.

Public Comments, none. Dennis announced that the Dane Co Dairy Breakfast will be held in the township at Jason Ihm’s farm in June, 2016. They will come into the town hall driveway and park in the field east of the town hall.

Neal Fargo appeared to show the board his erosion control permit for his driveway to his lot in section 10 on North Road.. Dennis mentioned that the parcel is A-1 EX zoning. If it’s sold to someone and they want to get a loan, they will not be able to do so without rezoning. Our land use plan requires a 2 acre lot as a minimum. With this lot being non-conforming at about a half acre, putting in a driveway is not a problem, but the future of rezoning it looks doubtful. Larry Jenkins, representing the Mary S. Thompson Trust, commented from the audience. Since they carry the liability insurance on the easement as well as paying the taxes on the property going to the lot, they respectfully request that the Thompson Trust have the time to go over the driveway application and erosion control permit before the board makes a decision. John Brixy moved to table the driveway permit application until the June 8 meeting, or July meeting if any issues have not yet been resolved. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Stuart Hodgson appeared to discuss his land. He has temporarily withdrawn his petition from the County. There was a property sale to Ron Fargo back in 2005. The small parcel is RH-4 and should have been rezoned to match the A-2 zoning on the existing Fargo house. Fargos and the county will have to straighten this out. Helen was instructed to write a letter to the county saying the Fargo issue is a separate issue from Mr. Hodgson’s issue. With the current zoning of RH-3, he can build his house with no further action. The land use committee had approved the Hodgson petition by 5-0.

Gary Karls appeared with some preliminary plans for a home site. He wants to create a two acre lot on his farm in the Town of Perry. He would like to put a 66’ easement to create a driveway going to North Perry Road. This would cross his Town of Blue Mounds parcel
#0606-323-9250-6. At this point he was requesting a statement from the Board saying we’d likely approve an easement/ driveway permit on to North Perry Road crossing Town of Blue Mounds parcel. Such a statement would help when he goes to the Town of Perry. Helen will work with Gary on the requested statement.

Regarding Independent Inspections. Dennis feels there are too many fees for each commercial inspection. Also, delays and communication were frustrations, especially on the winery project. Al moved we invite Mike Fenley and Tracey Johnson to come to an informational meeting to talk about commercial inspection. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Helen will contact them to see if they’re available at 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. on Friday, May 29.

Comprehensive Plan, Mary Ellen, our editor, is scheduled for June 8 meeting to discuss some updates.

LUC nothing new except for the Hodgson rezone.

Mt. Horeb Area Economic Development meeting. Dennis handed out some information regarding the possible Minitube changes. After 2017, Ludwig and Rebekah Simmet will have sold the property and may move the business out of the property. There are possibilities of gas station, convenience store, industrial park, etc. on the table. Dennis will get more information at a meeting between the Economic Development group and the Simmets scheduled for Friday.

Legislative Update. John attended the senate and assembly hearings on SB 118 and AB 161 which deal with limitations on town expenditures for certain highway purposes. (the $5000/mile limit). It looks as though that is a go, there appears to be no objection.

He indicated it looks like about half the Dane County towns are ready to leave county zoning once the legislation passes which will probably result in some layoffs in the county office. The Dane Co Towns Association is studying the Sauk Co. plan as a basis for zoning planning. No dates are available as yet for implementation.

John will attend the Towns Association Annual meeting on May 20. He will seek election to the Executive Board for our district. He understands the current representative is not seeking the position. Al will attend to nominate John. Helen will post the meeting as there will be a quorum of board attending.

The gas tax is still on the table. The statewide Towns Association is in favor, but the question is, will the towns get their fair share distribution?

Fire District Report. Regarding the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, Dennis feels this is a Fire District issue. For our township, Al will be the first contact, Dennis the second. We’ll see what is needed for meeting attendance, etc.

John moved to approve the bills in the amount of $27,341.54, Al seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

John moved to adjourn at 9:00 p.m. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted,
Helen Kahl, Clerk