Minutes 1-14-2015

Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
January 14, 2015, 7:15 p.m.

Dennis opened the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors, following the caucus. Also present were Supervisors Al Antonson and John Brixy, Clerk Helen Kahl and Treasurer Nancy Goplin.
Minutes of regular meeting:

John moved to approve with two corrections, removing a repeated line typo, and correct the motion regarding

Building and Grounds, no report.

Road Maintenance. Al asked whether Dan was plowing Amacher Road. Dan replied he wasn’t as there was no one living there. Al said that was fine, he saw no need to plow it since it’s vacant.

Public Comments/Questions. Jill Jonas asked a question related to when letters to the editor are written by members of the town board, has there been a decision by the board to condone the letter? The board concurred that there was not, the letter was the individual’s opinion.

Discussion on sale of 4-wheel drive truck. We sold it through Lust Auction for $22,750 to a private party near Green Bay. From the December meeting we have a motion to allow Dennis to complete the purchase of the Case IH. Al brought up the fact that Dan doesn’t agree with that decision and from the audience Dan suggested we keep the Fendt we have now rather than buying a Case IH. Al indicated that Dan said in a conversation they had that he won’t operate it. Dan claims the Fendt is the only one that has downpressure. Dennis indicated that the Case IH Puma for which we have the bid has downpressure, like the Fendt, because it is sold internationally. Dennis also indicated there may need to be weights put on it. John indicated confusion and asked if that is a resignation from Dan. Dan said he would resign right now if that’s what we want. Dennis made a motion that we table this in light of this discussion. He made a motion to have a meeting on Tuesday, January 27th at 8:30 to discuss further the situation. John made a friendly amendment in seconding the motion that agenda indicate equipment purchase and a personnel issue. Motion passed 3-0.

Comprehensive Plan updates. Editor, Mary Ellen Schultz couldn’t make it tonight and will try to be here on Feb 9, 7:00 p.m.

Land Use Committee: nothing to report.

Mt. Horeb Area Economic Development Corporation…Dennis attends those meetings. Helen will put that on agenda going forward.

Dane Com update. It’s off the table right now. They are supposed to put in 3 more towers so it works properly. Dennis indicated it’s a long ways off. He indicated that the 911 center issues are improving, but there’s a long way to go to make it good. Gerry Brock asked about maintenance fee, having read that the town board had decided not to pay the maintenance fees. Dennis explained how we are getting no service so we and many other municipalities are not paying.

Update on state legislation affecting the township. John attended the Dane County Towns Association meeting where Mark Hazelbaker made a presentation on the history of county zoning. John will propose a resolution next month to support the Dane County-only state legislation where county municipalities can withdraw from county zoning. He explained to the audience that the county committee right now is 5 voting members and 3 students who do not vote. 2 of the members live totally in city of Madison and all members live in non-township districts. A request was made to add a town representative. Instead they added a student. We cannot even attend a meeting and make a comment on a petition. A number of towns are thinking about coming out of county zoning. There are some towns already who do their own zoning. The Towns Association supports the legislation. The statewide Counties Association asked Dane County to straighten out their issues, they refused, and then the Counties Association backed away…they don’t support, but they don’t oppose it either. The towns that opt out would come together to hire a zoning administrator, independently, not hired by the county.

The Towns Association voted not to have the joint task force to work with the county on Chapter 10 issues.

Fire District Report. Committee looking at building a new fire station in Mt. Horeb. He explained how the current building has problems because it was built as a pole shed. There’s room for trucks, but not for the EMT’s activities, study area, office space, etc.

Dennis indicated an interest in the Feb 24 WTA seminar at Wisconsin Dells in regard to large dairy operations and manure storage/transportation. Al moved the town pay the $50 fee, John seconded, motion passed 3-0. Helen will send the registration.

The Department of Transportation has sent a suggested application form for the Implements of Husbandry ordinance. Helen inquired when this would apply and was informed by Al and John that it would only be when the weight was over 92,000 lbs and none of the haulers we know of would exceed that.

Alliant Energy has sent a letter about emergencies on electrical issues. They would come out if we want to have them give an informational session. Al wondered if they would come to a spring or summer board meeting. Dennis will contact them.

Al mentioned some correspondence and issues. Several people paying their taxes mentioned the fly problem in the light fixtures. Also, he mentioned that we need to evaluate our inspector. VFW is having a tough time with the inspections for their addition. John made a motion to invite DeLacy to come to the Feb meeting, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Dennis will go to the Towns Association District meeting in Mineral Point, Feb 7, Helen will send $40 fee.

Helen went over the year end numbers. There were no big surprises. The year-end checkbook balance was $33,686.33.

John made a motion to pay $804,799.36 in bills which includes levies and refund checks. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

John made a motion to adjourn, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Respectfully Submitted, Helen Kahl, Clerk