Minutes 10-13-2014

Unapproved Minutes
Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
October 13, 2014

Dennis Jelle, Chairman, opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. Also present were Supervisors, John Brixy and Al Antonson, Clerk, Helen Kahl and Treasurer, Nancy Goplin.

Helen read the minutes of the Sep 8, 2014 meeting. John moved to approve, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Road Maintenance Report, nothing.

Buildings/Grounds Committee, nothing.

Public Comments: Ferron Havens says there’s a pothole on W Blue Mounds RD at new culvert. Dan said it will be fixed. Also, Ferron wants to put a regulation turnaround at north end of N Erbe Rd at his property. The shed is gone. He wants to make it big enough to turn garbage/snow plow trucks around. Al suggested Dan go down and work with Ferron on it. Hopefully it won’t need a variance.

Ken Kellogg requested that the excess gravel on Bergum Road be swept. Dennis indicated it has been arranged to be swept and Dan confirmed that we now have the sweeper and it will be swept soon.

Public Hearing, Haas/Schmit. LUC was out to the property. Al reported that the committee voted to approve the rezone, 5-0. There were concerns about the actual number of acres on the parcel. Dennis talked to Harry from the surveyor’s office. The parcel comes out to 2.1 net acres after the road right-of-way. It meets the criteria of the 1980 plan to be over 2 net acres. Prior to a change by the state a number of years ago, taxes were paid on the road and the right of way as well. A gentleman from the audience commented that it was divided in 1994 and there is a law that says it has to have a certified survey map, which was never done. The taxes on the parcel say it’s 1.4 acres and the parcel comes out at 2.1 net acres. Brian Mrocek asked if the Grenlie survey is marked along his property line. He couldn’t find that marker. John moved to approve based on Certified Survey Map, Al seconded, motion passed 3-0. Helen will make a report to the county. Larry Haas paid the $300 fee.

Public Hearing, James Leuzinger and Scott Zahler appeared to apply for a rezone of 4 acres from A1-Ex to LC-1. It includes a shed. Part of the property is actually in Town of Springdale but that won’t have to be rezoned because they do not have A-1 Ex zoning. R & F farms owns the property surrounding these parcels. There should be a shared driveway agreement with them, and they are agreeable. They intend to use it for storage right now and eventually an office. The LUC voted 4-0 to approve the petition. They are working on a Certified Survey map. Al moved to approve pending any variance of more or less than half acre over or under 4 acres when the CSM is done. John seconded, motion passed 3-0. They paid the $300 rezone fee and will notify us when they have a petition number/date.

Dennis made a motion to table discussion on the Comprehensive Plan, John seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Al reported on the propose ATC transmission line. In two years they will make an actual proposal of running a significant power line from Dubuque to Madison along the 18-151 corridor. Their preferred route is down the median of the highway. They want to connect to the one in Middleton. They do not know if the state will let them. A lot of people were at the meetings who think we don’t need this big power line. In the Montfort area they’re not real keen on having a substation in their neighborhood. The next step would be to actually propose a route. Completion would be around 2020.

Ordinance on Implements of Husbandry. Al got some information at the Towns Association meeting that covered the state’s. Currently the state’s load limit is 80,000 lbs. They are proposing to up it to 92,000 lbs with a permit. There is no fee for the permit and if you apply you show the roads you’re going to cross in the township. If you have roads that are not able to handle 92,000 lbs, the town can deny the permit. If it’s denied, the town has to provide an alternate town route. Al has talked to haulers who have no intention of going to 92,000 lbs. The permit has no penalties and no fees. It still goes back to if there is road damage the statutes apply. The purpose of this is for data collection. We should have an ordinance that is in accordance with the state. If there is a violation of the 92,000 lbs. then the hauler gets fined for being over 80,000. The consensus is that the town will adopt the state’s recommendation of Option E. John will formally introduce the ordinance in November for final passage.

John moved we publish the proposed budget of $485,503. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0. The budget meeting is Nov 10 at 7:00. Al requested that Dan get his numbers for a proposed tractor purchase ahead of time so the board can see them before the budget meeting. Helen will work with him on it.

Dennis also explained that on the Kenworth, they are going to have some adjustments made to the computer system, which will hopefully help with the power. He gave Dan permission to go ahead with that. It will cost approximately $1500 but should be money well spent.

Bills to pay: Al moved to approve bills of $106,919.39. John seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

At this point, John had to leave for a work commitment.

DaneCom progress. Helen is not to make any payments. DaneCom is shut down at this time, it is proposed for 4 more towers.
Tomorrow night the fire/ems departments are going to Dane Co. Board to protest the proposal that Parisi take over the running of 911. They oppose it because the 911 Board would then be totally advisory.
Towns Association is going after the county to eliminate the maintenance fees.

Comprehensive Planning, Al has the maps and will go over them. He will get them to Dennis before Oct 25.

Fire District. The building committee is still working on plans, looking at 3 different locations.
Their tentative schedule would be to build in 2018.

Al moved to adjourn, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Respectfully submitted,
Helen Kahl, Clerk