Minutes 4-21-14

Unapproved Minutes
Town of Blue Mounds
Board of Supervisors
April 21, 2014

Dennis Jelle, Chairman, opened the meeting at 8:25 p.m. following the Annual Meeting. Also present were Supervisors, John Brixy and Al Antonson, Clerk, Helen Kahl and Treasurer, Nancy Goplin.

Helen read the minutes of the March 17, 2014 meeting. John moved to approve, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0. Al abstained because he was not present at the March meeting.

Road Maintenance Report:
Dan asked what we have to spend in order to get the $17,000 TRIP grant. He was under the assumption we have to spend $150,000 in order to get that. Dennis doesn’t believe that is the case and he will find out.

The parking lot bid came in from Fahrner at $11,950 and from Struck and Irwin for $15,219.50. John moved to accept Fahrner’s bid. Al seconded, motion passed 3-0. They should be able to get it done in May.

George Couch commented that the snow removal on Blessingway this winter was much appreciated. He mentioned that with the culvert in there, the snow melt on the Minitube lots heads downhill toward the culvert and across his driveway also. Dan was instructed to check it out and have the culvert blown out by the fire department if needed.

Helen commented on the bike events where we had required proof of insurance and deposits. Dennis talked to Hazelbaker from the Towns Association. He recommended we NOT require proof of insurance, deposits, and hold harmless agreements. We could have a permit fee, however. That would require them to notify us so that if we were planning road work we would have dates when there are events. The board can explore a permitting possibility for future events.

Preliminary Discussion, Travis Gudgeon, Use of existing property on W Erbe Road. Travis gave the board site plans for the existing property. He is interested in buying a 1.51 acre piece of property from Royce Hansen. The existing building is currently LC-1. The land around it is A-2. Travis is considering buying it and using it to store landscaping equipment. The board feels it’s a good fit to make the whole thing LC-1, with a CUP. The Land Use Committee would do a site visit and make a recommendation to the Board. It was felt the county should approve it as an effort at consistency.

Zwettler Road situation. Lunder Law has sent a letter with deadline date of April 30 for the insurance company to respond. We will have to decide whether or not to go to litigation at the May meeting.

OA 26 was denied by enough towns but the Towns Association is giving the county another chance to revisit it.

Pending legislation, Bill 661, nothing new. Now the legislature is adjourned. It will be introduced after the elections. If the towns association isn’t in favor locally, it will be a problem. John wrote a letter to Hazelbaker saying Dane County cannot be trusted, so what is the point of setting up a committee, etc. John is surprised the Realtor’s Association is supporting the County’s Association on this.

Comprehensive Planning/LUC. Will meet on May 6. Comprehensive Plan updates are part of the meeting as well as the mass rezones adjacent to Mt. Horeb.

John Brixy had to leave the meeting at this point. (9:30)

Nancy brought up the Dickman personal property taxes which we are unpaid for the last 4 years for a total of $1751.33. Helen will check on procedure for collecting.

Fire District. No report.

Al moved to approve bills of $28,204.04. Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Al moved to adjourn, Dennis seconded, motion passed 2-0.

Respectfully submitted,
Helen Kahl, Clerk